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tonight I searched Slink and what did I get 15 thousand paid accounts just totally stupid. There is onE SLINK NOT THE PRETENDERS all I wanted to do is buy a mesh bod not see all the pretenders. Want to know what is wrong with this game those who pay for listings over the years I have given up many islands because the management has their heads up their <Removed> this is a final straw for the good of the game is this fake news pull your heads out of your monetary <Removed> and save this environment the concept is not working is this fake news just an observation from one here for over 13 years and just the manage3ment losing focus and very hard to accept

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Wow just effing Wow

Exactly what I thought when I read your post.

12 minutes ago, Coventina Dalgleish said:


What you were seeing was not thousands of people all pretending to be the official Slink store. What you were seeing was everyone who sells Slink-compatible items (Slink-rigged mesh clothing, Slink appliers, etc) and who use search keywords so that you can find the Slink-compatible items inworld. It's a perfectly legitimate marketing option that Linden Lab gives us.

As Callum said: you can either type 'Slink' into the map to get to the store, or you can look up Slink's creator - Siddean Munro - in People search. That's much easier on your blood pressure than venting about 'fake news' on a residents' forum.

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Also most of the time you can look in places and the store will be at or close to the top of the list. Not true in THIS CASE however. 

So a quick alternative if you do not know the creator's name (and most of the time we don't remember or I don't) you can search GROUPS will will most often have the group for that store as the top entry.

From there you can find the creator (usually) and get to their profile to find their store. 


The Marketplace is another way to find places. It works well for most stores but the mesh body folks mostly don't sell on the Marketplace so that is out in this case. 



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Using the browser's search function is sometimes a hit and miss affair, but for shops which have a Group tend to stand apart from similar names due to their high member count. It's all part of the 'living' experience, same as for first. Engage grey matter.

I sometimes wonder how many sets of redundant SLink hands and/or SLink feet are sitting idle gathering dust in people's inventories these days.

I have Maitreya but used to hang on to SLink shoes as well, just in case. Never worn them. Don't do that anymore.

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If you are using the web search you can filter by land that'll weed out all the people with that name, i'm certain when i've needed to find the Slink store in web search if it wasn't the first result it was very near the top the only place i really had problems with finding was TMP because i didn't know the store was called The shops

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