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Woman-2-Woman Lounge ReOpening -Seeking Director (Paid Position)

Random Sixpence

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A few years ago, along with TNC - Totally Naughty Clothes, I opened and ran a fairly successful Woman's Lounge called Woman-2-Woman. The group still exists and after coming back to SL and opening up Tara's Creations I have also decided to try and reopen the lounge as well. (You are welcome to check the success of Tara's Creations on the MP or InWorld).

This is not a hook-up club, nor a dating club. It is meant for serious issues in a wonderful fun environment.

This is the basic idea behind Woman-2-Woman


"Woman-2-Woman" is for all women, no matter of race, creed, religion or sexual preference - heterosexual or lesbians, vanilla or hard BDSM, it does not matter. "Woman-2-Woman" is a group and lounge for women. We also have lectures & talks on women's topics in the "Woman-2-Woman" Lounge. This is a place to chat, discuss and dance in a group environment about anything you like with friends and others - Educational & Social. REAL WOMAN ISSUES. Serious and funny. No drama, no fees - a public service. 

Woman-2-Woman is not a dance club nor any other sort of ballroom, dance, lesbian, bi-sexual, Femdom or BDSM club. Woman-2-Woman is NOT about any of these things, and we welcome all life-styles and people. Woman-2-Woman does not want, desire or wish to compete with any clubs in SL. Indeed our whole purpose is only as a public service, which will hopefully help with education, advice and friendship. This is NOT a place to cater to anything but real woman issues or to just relax and enjoy. As women even in a Virtual World such as Second Life, we are also interested in learning, discovering and sharing issues that concern us as women in the Real World as well as in the Virtual World. 

All that being said we did run dances from time to time, fun events and contest. But this is not the focal point of the Woman-2-Woman club.

Make sure you join the Woman-2-Woman SL group to stay informed of our weekly lectures and chats on Woman's issues. We hope to make these informative, interesting and deal with issues that effect us all, given by people who are top in their field. Feel free to come to the lounge as often as you like if you wish to just socialize and chat. All women are welcome. Males need a specific invite to stay in the Lounge. (This is not a pick-up bar.) For any questions and/or suggestions please contact Tara (Random Sixpence). We would love to hear from you.

We are also open and looking for those who would like to give lectures and/or seminars on various topics. We are starting a weekly writing group, and certainly are looking for those who can teach about women's health and psychology as well as overall topics such as Second Life topics and lifestyles within SL. We will consider any serious proposal for teaching, seminars and lectures. (There is no payment involved to the teachers though.) If you have suggestions or wish to teach please contact Random Sixpence via Notecard with your avatar name or leave a Notecard in the mailbox at the Woman-2-Woman Lounge

This is a paid position, and is not related to selling clothing in Tara's Creations. You will need the following qualifications:

  1. You are serious about woman's issues in our modern world.
  2. You are reliable and trustworthy.
  3. You know how to navigate SL Marketing and Groups.
  4. You can find (with help) decent lectures on issues that are of interest to Women.
  5. You can use Voice (this is critical).
  6. You are a great organizer.
  7. You spend a lot of time in SL and have been in SL for at least 18-24 months.
  8. You are easy to get along with, a great marketer, and devoted to the modern issues which women face both in Real and in SL.

If you meet the above qualifications please contact Tara Simone [Random Sixpence] by IM or Notecard. These days due to rl my hours in SL are limited, so if you cannot catch me on line please send me a notecard about your qualifications and interests. 

If you know anyone who is interested (and you are not) please pass this information along to them.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1363 days.

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