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Need a custom mesh avatar

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I'm looking for someone who could make me a custom avatar of dragon ball fighter z's majin Android 21.

The pictures attached are the best I could find due to the game being still very new. I can send a link to a YouTube video showing her off more. 

My main thing is I would like one made with removable clothing if I wish to change her up abit in the clothing department and a body shape that can use the most popular mesh body clothing (I currently have no clue which that is because I don't use mesh often aside from clothing and two furry avatars.)

Her tail being animated is not a must if its not in your skill set to do that but at least positionable would be fantastic. I'm fairly flexible with this but she is my ALL TIME FAVORITE anime character.


I hope someone can help me out with this thank you. ^-^



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56 minutes ago, SilvarinDarklight said:

 the game being still very new

so guessing you don't own any copyright on it? ...

You can only ask somebody to create a "based on" this look, and the creator still can get in trouble when getting to close to the original.(if the creator gets in trouble, guess who will too...? )

Most likely you will need also custom made clothes.

Only do business with a mesh creator that can show his work, there are enough examples with drama about creators running with the customers money. ( and yes...you need trust, because a serious creator will ask for a decent part of the money upfront, because it will take a lot of time to create this, and the risk the customer doesn't like the result)

Be also aware when you find a serious creator who wants to do this for you, will be serious, really serious, amount of money.  (possibly several hundreds USD ), if somebody does it for a really low payment, you have a huge risk you get ripped content from another game.

Copyright violations will end in really bad RL experiences, it won't be SL only.



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I'm fully aware of all of this.  Iv dealt with having custom work done many many times over the last eight years on SL. And copyright when it comes to dragon ball z characters is pretty far out the window already with how much content is ripped from other games and direct copies in second life already for dragon ball.  Also I always ask for updates in the early stage in the form of screen shots of the product being made, it has saved me tons of money from people trying to give me just ripped models. I also doubt anyone could rip the model for said character without some seriously talented hacking due to the game she is from having only been released in beta and it closed again and still just now on full release as of a week or less ago so the coding is pretty crazy as of now due to endless mini patches and updates.


Thank you for your concern none the less but I take every precaution to stay in the legal bounds and not loose my money.

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