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Easter and Spring Fashion!

Clarissa Lowell

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Was about to post this in the "what will you wear on Easter" topic. But then I thought, wait, that's what I'd be wearing. 

The pix I took were to show others what they could find to wear in Second Life for this weekend.

Sorry in advance for the hasty nature of some pix. I didn't have much time yesterday. I mainly wanted to show how you could outfit yourself for Easter, on a budget. Even if you don't celebrate Easter, or want something a little less...pastel? Here goes!

[ Malice ] has this. "Egg Hunter" dress. 50 Linden $, no transfer. 

BOSL Malice Egg Hunter Mini Dress sm.png

Don't miss the 1 Linden$ gift on the floor!

Malice March Gift Clover Dress Box sm.png

When you open it, you get these springtime lovelies: 

BOSL Malice Clover Dress 1L in store sm.png


BOSL Clover Pants & T shirt sm.png

(Okay so it's probably for St Patrick's Day. But there is clover all spring!)

Get all three outfits, here: 


Next? How about something a little more daring?

The Tithe Spectrum Top sm.png

A little different way to wear those Easter or spring pastels.

It's called a top, but it looks like a Mini Dress to me. It's 100 Linden$ no transfer, and it's here: 


Then I found a whole treasure trove of gifts to celebrate "Best of Second Life." Just look for the boxes by the fountain. There is also hair for men and women, a pair of shoes with the sculpty feet and more. But this topic let's just look at spring wear. Get all of the following here:   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Couture%20Boulevard/184/179/25 at the fountain. Free!


BOSL Agnes Finney Spring Dress 0L sm.png


BOSL MEB Strawberry Outfit 0L sm.png

BOSL AlaFolie Lilac Dress 2 Views sm.png


BOSL Aleida Free Dress sm.png


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And here's another dress from the BOSL free gifts for spring, that wouldn't go in the last post. (See above for SLurl)

BOSL Jador Free Outfit sm.png

Next, Tres Beau has a 3 part outfit that must be hunted for in three of its locations. Find this symbol:

BOSL object pic sm.png

in each of these stores. I did not stand in front of the symbol when I took these, so you can still enjoy the hunt.

BOSL Daisy Earrings 50L - Tres Beau shop # 1  http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Renaissance%20Galleria/106/222/28

BOSL Daisy Dress 50L - Tres Beau Shop # 2   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Casablanca%20Boulevard/221/164/35

BOSL Daisy Purse 50L - Tres Beau Shop # 3    http://slurl.com/secondlife/Couture%20Boulevard/65/233/26

Here is the completed outfit. The dress has a 'tea length' hem (on me, at least.)

BOSL Tres Beau Spring Ensemble 150L sm.png

And then, I found some more specifically themed Easter outfits. I will include those too. The above was for those who might want to mix and match some looks for their own individual ensemble. But nothing wrong with making one or two stops and going the costume route. I found some cute ones in different styles.

How about a "Gothic Bunny" outfit? 350 Linden $ here:   


Gothic Bunny Dress sm.png

And something more traditional. The costume shop "A Touch of Ireland" has a bunny outfit (250L) and shoes (50L) - Or a floral dress and hat ensemble (150L) which is suitable for any Easter Parade.

Easter Bunny Outfit Touch of Ireland sm.pngEaster Bunny Shoes 50L sm.png

I snagged those bunny heels for myself. I found them here:  


In her Easter bonnet...with all the...purple...on it??    Easter Dress Outfit Touch of Ireland sm.png  

Find the Easter dress and hat here: 



So - what did YOU find for Easter or spring celebrations? Share it here!  Thanks!!


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You both look gorgeous!

Here's something for the guys. 

Bedlam has an Easter hunt gift - just look for the Easter Egg - but this isn't what's in the pic. (I forgot to look at the Egg gift.)

Bedlam also is having an in store hunt. Most of those aren't free but they are discounted. I still think 20 Linden $ for this hilarious Easter Bunny nose and ears with fishing tackles on them, is a steal.


Look for a little silver microphone high up on the wall.  I hope they don't mind my telling where it is but this is a sale, not a hunt as such.   20 Linden$ and you don't even have to change clothes, guys. Can't beat that.  :smileyvery-happy:

Easter Bunny Fishing Ears Bedlam sm.png

Fab Free has blogged some other Easter things for guys. Just page through their current blog. http://fabfree.wordpress.com

I don't want to repost what they already blogged - plus they have pix and a link. (There's a men's outfit and a men's vest.)

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