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Starting up an inter-grid Black Market Merchant Gang! Looking members and people to help :)

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Also heres a picture of me reading your responses on my phone, less than pleased of course! :3


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Posted (edited)
On 7/18/2018 at 6:23 PM, RahulMirchandani said:

Where are you operating out of or where are you Roleplaying?

I have a couple scifi sims that I pop in and out of, Drune was my favorite but thats dust in the wind. Since I'm an elf I'm not allowed to RP in a bunch of the scifi/cyberpunk sims like D18, Cocoon, Insilico, Hangars Liquides, and the like so I kinda wander around looking. Currently I am working on another place of my own but it will be a while before its done since I'm the only one working on it. IM me in world if you want to meet up some time my display name is Keira Moraxo :3

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