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Rosalyn Macarthur

Bootscooting Baby, you drivin me crazy...Come Linedance (and others) with us today by joining our team!

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Yeps, another club looking for staff. So this is where I try and convince you that ours is the one to apply to and come work for. Are we the biggest club in SL? Nopes. Are we the only one that runs events? I hope not.....so why should you?

Well, we are not just looking for any DJ or host. We are looking for the right ones. You need to be determined and hard working and ready to grow with us. You need to have a sense of humor, a willingness to voice (DJ's), hang out and get a little weird at times. In our club, we believe in playing Greedy while playing awesome music, we believe anyone that walks through the door is just as important as the next and that everyone is welcome to explore the sim. 

Opportunities to work at Lonestar include Host and DJ roles. You get to choose your sets (from spaces still available) and we will advertise on social media and in world. It is however important that you do have your own following or building one as well. We encourage initiative and hard working members of our team and willing to cross train into other opportunities that are available.

So....What have you got to lose by applying with us? 

You can message Rosalyn Macarthur in world and/or apply via our link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf9k4pDfHsHUUjfX2gNx9jJ43pxn1d6ZKSa4Wg4HTilSMnR0g/viewform

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