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Flowrida Urban Community Living 

Experience the luxurious side of Flowrida Urban Community Living.  The unique features and amenities that were designed to fit your desire for an inexpensive and fun living experience.   We focus on remaining an active and fun role-playing community. Human only sim ( no furries allowed )

Hiring Marketing Manager

We are looking for a Marketing Manager to bring traffic into our community.  Our community has home rentals, apartment rentals and store rentals.  We have a lot to offer in our community and want to ensure to bring in as many people as possible, including possible tenants.


  • Must be experience in Marketing
  • Must be 30 days or older in SL.
  • Must have at least 5 group slots available
  • Must have Discord installed
  • Communication Skills

Pay and Benefits

  • Jobs pays L$1,000 a week. Every Friday is pay day!  A raise is possible and will be considered if we see a turn positive turn around in traffic and rentals.  In order to be considered for a raise, you must have been with us for at least 3 months.
  • What is a job without benefits? As a benefit of working for Flowrida Urban Community Living, you will have a 200 prim allowance in one of our apartment buildings.  If you do not wish to live in an apartment but would prefer a house, we could either provide an extra 200 prims on your rental with us at no cost or we could knock off L$300 from your rental per week.

For an application, please contact one of the following:

Youngin Bing, Layler Moonwall or Robertg darkwatch

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