I have this idea to have a spirit appear if you click on the right sequence of rocks. Of course, this is probably not realizable in a simple way, because professional game makers like MadPea have done this sort of things with proprietary scripts such as in that sword gatcha they had, where if you assemble all the pieces, it does all these cool things. Ideally, I'd love to step on a mat, and a prim pops up with the spirit, i.e. a texture on high transparency. But since "stepping on a prim to make something happen" is rare in SL (yes there are door mats that tell you of visitors, and yes I once got a creative scripter here to make my long-wished-for rabbits-fall-on-head script), I realize I may have to settle for something less. Since getting this custom made might be too expensive (I think), I am imagining that just to have a prim you click that makes a spirit appear would be enough. But how to do this? Yes, there are ways to make prims temp rez and I even had a scripter make a thing for me to work this way one to put out a driveway/drawbridge but I can't get it to work to this day and I finally gave up. I would love to make tables that pop up food but I never got that temp rez thing to work that way.

One obvious way is through particles, although again, with simplicity in mind, if you have only one image to use, it will make a shower of repeat images. That would be ok, if it were possible to click again and have it go away. I tried to get Jopsy's particle and then toggle scripts to work, and they just do nothing. It seems as if you don't have to rename the texture or anything, you drop a texture and this script into a prim, and it should start. But nothing happens. I often have that problem with this site, I don't know, maybe I'm doing something wrong. So unless there's a better idea, what I hope to do is: o drop a texture into a prim o drop a script that makes that texture a particle or even better, pops it up "as is" in singular form o add a toggle to turn it on and off (would that be in the same prim?) Advice appreciated.