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The Town of Philomena welcomes you to visit our small town set in the Progressive Era of 1910-1919.  Philomena is designed as a small town set in America.  With its nostalgic view of the past, the community boasts a park, library, chapel, trolley, museums, shops, and homes.  We are not a strict Role-play community, but view ourselves as a venue for virtual living history where we engage in light, situational role-play and enjoy the lifestyle, history, and education the theme offers.  Dressing in period clothing and using period items is strongly encouraged.  If interested in joining our growing community, please contact Thaddeus Nadeau.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Myron/142/152/36

Blog: https://thetownofphilomena.wordpress.com/


Nichus Memorial Chapel_001.png

Yellow house_001.png

9 Mistletoe in snow_001.png

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