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Returned, Looking For a New Life

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Hey! I'm Katleena Adour. I'm 22 (in SL) and I've been on SL for about 7 years. I took a 2 year break, but now I'm back on. I figured I should start a new

account and a better life. I enjoy family roleplay and I'd like to get into one. I'm looking into buying a house at Cedar Creek. I would need a roomate for 

that. I'm looking for new friends to hang out with and explore with, and a male partner as well. I like to visit the beach and pretty much explore around 

SL. I want kids, but I would like a partner first. I'm also open to sisters or brothers or anything really. I'm super fun and openminded. I'm really easy 

going most times. I get on afternoons and evenings. I'm in the USA Central timezone. I love cats! I would also like to get into photography so I need

some cute friends interested in modeling for me to practice on!! Anyway if you have any questions IM me. I'm a really nice person and I get along

with anyone! 




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Hi Katleena,

Welcome Back to SL.

I am new to SL and having a family sounds really interesting, I have been hooked to SL since I joined and love to explore, hunt, ski, dance and interact with people.

I am from India though so the time difference is almost 12 hours.

I would love to be part of the family.



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