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Land for a "skybox" style project

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I hope some of you can give me some leads, help or offers. After looking around for sometime with rather limited results I am posting here. I am presently seeking land for a project that will be like a skybox. Preferably someplace that will allow access to most of the Blake Sea and it's surrounding sims. I have had two major sim projects in the past but where private homesteads. I am now venturing out from a "realistic" theme to a "tech / adventurous" theme in open grid. Presently with the help of some friends we are building a sky-carrier type platform.  The size has yet to be determined but it will not be small. I know this has not been the first time such an endeavor has been done but having it near major waterways and land will be a plus for this project.  The build as far as land impact and prims has yet been determined. Perhaps an ambitious attempt but one with sincere interest. It is in hopes that most of the build will be mesh with prim adds-ons as needed. It is an experiment of course but a whole hearted project none the less. it will be of decent altitude to allow aircraft to be fairly clear of it and major flight routes. Joint efforts are possible in regards to helping promote others themes and ideals and the area so please fell free to contact me. All be safe and well.

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