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BubbleGum Photography -Looking for Clients

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250L No Artistic Effects (Only Color Correction)

750L Minimal Editing (Color Correction, Highlights/Shadows)
1,500L Artistic Editing (Painted hair, Highlights/Shadows, Color Correction)
250L For Every Extra Person
❤ Gifting Options are available ❤

~Commercial Options are Open, IM me inworld (LightNina) for more details~


No artistic effects (250L):





Minimal Editing (750L):


Artistic effects (1,500L):




(Only for Stores / Vendors / Product Images)



Contact me Inworld Via my User-name LightNina to schedule an appointment.

| Do not send a notecard as i likely won't respond as fast. | 

     Your avatar's hair may not look the same as well as other parts, So by purchasing my services, You agree that you are okay with slight or major alterations. It is purely for the sake of the picture looking it's best
   You agree to pay in full before photo-editing, No refunds will be issued and Only one retake will be shot, other retakes are 250L each
    Shots will be taken by me, Unless you want a photo-edit only. Photo edits are 10% Off original price.

   No discounts will be given unless stated otherwise

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