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                        Welcome To KittyT!ts  

The sexiest & nastiest escorts and dancers are here at the club! Waiting for all you handsome dirty men and beautiful queen women to show up and show your love and make it rain on these gorgeous workers. They're freelance, they come and go whenever they please! So catch them while you can! We are a respected club and all of our staff is polite, humble, and total sweethearts. Don't believe it? Come meet us! 

We accept everyone that comes in here, the only thing we won't tolerate are child avatars. This is an Adult sim and no place for children. Transexuals, bisexuals, lesbians, homosexuals, heterosexuals, GenderFluid, Furries, Nekos, Daddies/Babygirls, and more! Everyone is equals, everyone is welcomed, everyone is loved. 

Like us on Facebook! 

Landmark: ? http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vulkan Paradise/161/166/24

? lilsadangel
? merissa76
We are hiring escorts and dancers, so if would like to know how to be a part of the family, please contact one of the two owners that are listed, and if both aren't online come to the club and drop a notecard in Merissa's drop box next to the info board. 

Benefits include ♥
• Escort/Dancer monthly bonus (most tipped). L$500.
• Yearly bonus for employee of the year, L$1000.
• Adboards for escorts (optional) only L$10/wk. 
• Escort apartments to do business w/ client in.

kitty tits appt_002.png

kitty tits appt_006.png

kitty tits appt_007.png

kitty tits appt_001.png

kitty tits appt_005.png

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