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Hi, I'm Lizzy!

I am Looking for a job that will earn a stable flow of Lindens.

I have lot's of free time, I am very responsible.

...and I don't disappear for a few days and then come back and say i'm sick. 

I would always notify you in advance for time off.

I am willing to try out all kinds of jobs.

I was not all to sure what else I should say so I am just gonna go ahead and list random jobs that I would be interested in.

Assistant (Of all sorts)




RP Jobs as well! (As Long as it pays Lindens)

I will not accept any job that will have me getting paid with Tips.

My SecondLife User: Elisabethkisses2

I have been on SL more than 2 years

I have lot's of RP experience

I am 18 in Real Life. -.- Do not judge me.. I'm not a very social person in RL. Lolz

Well I would say more, but I rather not say to much seeing as this is already long enough.

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Day, Or Night. Feel free to contact me if you want, My timezone is Central Time Zone. I am hoping to further my knowledge in the world of jobs by exceeding at what ever job I have in SL. 

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