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Looking for Friends ❥

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Hello ❤

I Had a conversation with one of the guy friend in world, about how hard is it to fine Friends :c 

specially if you are shy & awkward. so he suggested that I write a post here.

So I am looking for "girl" Friends, and guys are welcome too.. tho I seem to notice they never keep it PG :c

I usually spend my time jumping from a sim to another, Gacha Hunting, Shopping or recently I am practicing taking Pictures. 

I am always open to try new thing ofc ❤ .. I am Arab In RL ( the reason I mention that, because some people have problem with this + English isn't my First language so just a heads up!)

I like Going to clubs, Listening to music A LOT. Most of The time I spend is listening to music and on Flickr xD .. been trying Plurk : X maybe it will be my new obsession : D

I have a lot of free time, so I am always looking to fill my time up with whichever is fun and nice : D 

I am really shy but if I feel comfy with you, I tend to talk too much : X 

My style usually is cute and Pinkish .. if you think we would match, Drop me an IM in world ❥

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Hi Jessica. 

As I was reading your post I was find assembles with my personality. I can be very shy too, but if u get to know me well your ears would burn just by listen me all day talking. 

My zone time is SL +8, so if that matches your time or even if doesn't and u still wanna hang out send me some message.


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Hello there!

Always up for making new friends, and keeping things PG isn't something I find difficult. I'm SLT+9, so if that's near your timezone you're very welcome to giving me a nudge or tossing me a friend request.

Mostly a socializer, photographer, quirky philosopher and for reasons unknown addicted to watching cooking videos - which always makes me hungry and wishing for a more well stocked kitchen. 

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Though I am male. I'm in a RL relationship with the person who joins me on SL so we don't really do anything Non-PG with friends. He's more of Genderfluid, a rather amazing trap if I do say so myself. Feel free to message me anytime or add me as a friend, we're both dorks and enjoy having fun and laughing with friends on Game nights or watching movies.

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On 1/7/2018 at 7:07 PM, Nalytha said:

I just met up with another girl who posted on the forums. We are hanging out here if you want to join. This is Commune Utopia and clothing is optional, but everyone is so nice. 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Commune Utopia/124/19/27

Ooooo I am a member of commune utopia!! I luvit there


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