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Make it Perfect Weddings & Events by Stephanie is Now Hiring for the following positions.

Venue Designer:

If you have a skill with mesh that is above the rest and an interest in building Wedding Venue Sky Boxes then we want to talk to you!

Oahu Vacation resort  and Make it Perfect Weddings by Stephanie is looking for tallented individuals who have a designers eye and a builders soul to create one-of a kind wedding venues for sophisticated and discerning clients.

If this sounds like just your cup of tea? Hit up Stephanie Northman in world and schedule an interview and "audition!"

Wedding Coordinators:

If you have a designers imagination, a sales person's drive and a winning personality, you might be just one we are looking for to fill the positions of Wedding Coordinator at Make it Perfect Weddings by Stephanie.

As a commission based position, it is important that you know the right way to talk to perspective clients, and keep in mind that not all clients are exactly the same.

Do you want to help create the perfect wedding day for our discerning clients?  Then Apply now  by reaching out to Stephanie Northman and setting up your interview!

Wedding Photographers/ Videographers

If you have a gift with photo shop and see a beauty in everything around you?  You might just be a Make It Perfect Wedding photographer waiting to happen.

Requirements:  You must be able to take snapshots and edit them in Photo shop or other photo editing software.

Competitive commission and employment perks.

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Make it Perfect is looking for Wedding Coordinators,  Mesh builders for Invitations, Mesh builders for Venues, Videographers, and Wedding DJ's and Singers.   If you are interested in any of these positions please reach out to me in world!  I'd love to sit down for a chat.

Also,  Make it Perfect Weddings, is interested in speaking with a mesh designer for clothing, specifically formal wear as well! Interested in a mutually beneficial Collaboration? Let me know!

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Make It Perfect Weddings and Events is looking for the following positions:

  • Wedding DJ's who are willing to take requests. [Vacancy]
  • Wedding Singers who are willing to take requests.[Vacancy]
  • Mesh artist (for Wedding dresses) - original content creator. [Position filled]
  • Mesh Flower designer (for bridal bouquets) [Vacancy]
  • Wedding Coordinators [ A people friendly person who has the eagerness to fulfill other's dreams] [Position filled]

If you think you have what it takes to be a part of a family and be willing to grow as a team. Please contact GiaBlossom Resident or Stephanie Northman via a notecard.


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Make It Perfect Weddings and Events

We are looking for a texture artist who is good with working on templates. The mesh templates will be provided by one of our custom designer.

  • If you think you are good at making textures for clothing.
  • If you have examples of your work.
  • If you are willing to grow with us as a business/brand
  • If you can work regularly.

We are also looking for Animator who is good with creating poses. If you are able to do Bento animations, it is a plus, but it is not mandatory.

  • Can you make custom poses?
  • Can you work regularly on orders?
  • Are you willing to grow your business along with us?
  • Do you have custom work samples?

We are looking for you. We have many custom orders lined up. There is only one position available for each requirement.

Please do also note, that this month and the upcoming months will get busier. 


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Make It Perfect Weddings and Events

Make It Perfect Weddings and Events is growing in business. With that we are receiving more clients and more work for the team. Do you want to work with this amazing team? If yes, we are looking for the following specialized builders

  • - Mesh creator for wedding venue designs
  • - Mesh creator for wedding venue flowers
  • - Mesh creator for bouquets and buttionaires
  • - Mesh creator for mesh clothing and shoes for men and women
  • - Mesh creator for accessories
  • - Mesh creator for wedding cakes
  • - Mesh creator for Wedding invitation cards

Do you love to be part of happy endings and romantic ties? This is your chance to be a part of the happily ever afters.

All we ask is, that you have some samples of your work while we discuss the deal at meeting and be able to meet deadlines for custom work. Still interested? 

Contact GiaBlossom Resident or Stephanie Northman. Lets meet! 



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Make It Perfect Weddings and Events is looking for Wedding Coordinators - 2 Vacancies left. 

Job Description - 

  1. Eager to help. outgoing, people person, responsible and a great team player.
  2. Able to attend clients in short notice whenever called for.
  3. Must be able to clock in fixed number of hours to this company.
  4. Must be able to look through the whole process of planning a wedding.

If you think you have what it takes. Then lets meet for an interview. The pay package and further details will be discussed upon selection or at the time of interview.

Interested? Contact one of the following.

GiaBlossom Resident [General Manager] via notecard or

Bench1290 [Photography and Coordinators Manager]  via notecard or

Stephanie Northman [ Owner].

Edited by GiaBlossom

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Is this an offering for a paid job or just a search for volunteers? That would be a valuable information for whoever seems interested! :)

Edited by Sylvannas Zulaman

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