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SL seach on wiki is broken

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So i notice these for a while, was guessing it was just a server issue for a while, but its going on for a while all ready

Cant find anyone else asking about it so i guess its time


When i try to search something in the SL wiki i get the error:

Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4542055

You may want to look into that to fix it, really a pain when trying to read the wiki right

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There's been a jira open on it since December 10:  https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-202732   It's been triaged but it's  not yet assigned to anyone.

There is  a workaround -- search Google using something like 


site:wiki.secondlife.com "script memory"

But it's not a satisfactory state of affairs.

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