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I need help i want to upgrade my avatar to mesh but i dont know where to start and what kind of budget i need. Its really daunting looking into all of this stuff, just need advice for the mesh body, hands, feet, clothes, head all of that. thanks for reading and whoever helps will be my best friend :)

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The top male bodies right now in terms of designers making clothing for it are Signature Gianni and Belleza Jake.   The bodies are around 3000 lindens usually (I think.  Been a while since I last checked).

This website has a lot of info on mesh bodies and heads:

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There are cheaper bodies, but if you stick with one of the two bodies already mentioned by MattNight84, you will always find content made for it.

This is the downside of picking smaller, less known brands.

Also, before you buy, search the MP for clothes demos, skin demos and try these demos with the body demo. This will give you an idea f how it works.

Another two bodies that it totaly different in form and style, is Niramyth Aestethic and Slink male. Aesthetic is very muscular, can only wear clothes designed for it. But it is also popular, and if you like this style, you should have no problems finding clothes. Aestethic comes with his own head, but it has a very special, grumpy look. The designer of Aestheic choose to make his own UV maps, meaning that you find hardly any skins for it. Yes there is some faces made,, they work as face tattoos, but the body? Look very close at the body skin before you buy it, because this is almost impossible to change.

Slink male is the thinner guy. You can bulk him up of course, but the arm muscle is no so defined in the mesh itself. You can't create bulging biceps. Slink male appear to be cheap, but the cost does not include hands and feet. The cost of this will make the total price into the same price range, a few hundred L cheaper maybe. It is made a lot for this body, but its popularity is not as high anymore.

The Adam body by Absolut Creations is also popular. I think I would demo it, but after Belleza Jake, Slink male or Signature, if you don't like them.

Many start with the body and move on to the head later. Heads are more complicated. If you want to use your classic head, and the skin that you wear now, look for appliers made by your skin creator. An applier transfer the skin to the mesh body and paints it on it, giving the absolutely best neck seam possible. I say "best possible" because graphics, windlight settings and the skin creators skills will be a factor. Can never say there will be a totally invisible seam, but it is going to be bloody better than trying to adjust colors on another skin brand or the default body skins with the head. The mesh heads are really beautiful, and a skin creator making both a head applier and a body applier will give you the best result.

For heads, how advanced do you want them to be? Catwa offer the most possibilities, you have double applier slots for everything, if you decide to go roleplaying and will use makeup, blood, scars, tattoos on the head, you can run out of applier slots on other heads. The less complicated head is LeLutka, but not if you are going to use a lot of add-on appliers to it. But if you are the "beard and hairbase" user, you will find this head is great. Both these heads are 5000L.

There are cheaper heads, but I am not familiar with them and again, the smaller brands does not have so much contents made for it. I am not sure how well they work.

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I am going to put in a plug for the new FREE MALE all in one (with head but you can make the head disappear if you want) altamura body.  I tried pretty much all the male bodies out there and didn't like any of them.  I agree that you will have an easier time getting clothes for the most popular male bodies, but a lot of clothes made for other bodies do fit the altamura free avatar. It has lots of alpha slots. Its main negative (well it is free) is that you cannot change the skin. You CAN use a mesh head (I haven't tried just using the default SL legacy head but that might work too) that coordinates to the medium tone of the body. 

Since a lot of guy clothes cover a fair amount of the body my guy has a pretty good selection to choose from already. The body is in the TeleportHub group vendor ($10 to join). Certainly a good starting place.





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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1022 days.

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