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SeeAirAhh Josephina

Jobs Available at Amusement Park

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Want to work at the most magical place in Second Life?  You could be part of the team that brings the magic!

We have the following open positions:
Event Creator

We would like to have at the most 1 event per day.  We are looking for a self motivated DJ who could both DJ and Host as well as setup events in Second Life Search.  Qualified candidates will have at the very minimum 90 days in the game, their own stream, an assortment of Disney and other music that fits the theme and a basic knowledge of how to setup events in Second Life and have worked as a DJ before.  We are willing to pay $300 per shift for a maximum of $1500 per week and you keep 100% of your tips.

Characters work on a voluntary basis, no requirement for length of time in game you only need to do a full dress rehearsal in character with clothing, you set your own hours and days, your only required to send out a notice in the group when you decided to appear at the park.

Event Creator:
We need someone to create a variety of events in SL Search, we would even be wiling to train the person on how to do it.  Pay is $25L per event created, we will need to verify each one by using SL Search.

If you are interested please contact SeeAirAhh Josephina. 

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