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Looking for more friends!

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Hi hi, still pretty new to SL. Have been only playing for a little over 2 weeks.

I've met some pretty awesome people in SL from the club that I dance for, they're all great people but they don't seem to like hanging out with me. They're all with each other and barely talk to me other than when we're all at the club together.

I know I should explore around SL and find friends myself but why not do both?

So I'm making this post to see if any of you would like to become my friend! 

I'm not looking for people just to talk with, I want friends to actually do stuff with. Could explore places together, take pictures together, have fun and do fun stuff together, show me new places and what else SL has to offer besides clubs and stuff.

( I like the word 'stuff' )

We can do everything! I don't just want people who will talk to me and then say they will hang with me and then never do, stay away from me please. c:

Search up "Jixxur" and you will find me!

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