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Fancy trying something new...did you promise yourself to be creative, make new friends or be more adventurous? If so....have a look at our roleplay vacancies. We have all sorts available from Sultan Princes to slaves...something for everyone!

Prince Sultan Rowan Raven - First Son of Demetra and the Future Sultan of Zerzura. He is 20 years old and a senior noble who sits on the High Council. (This will need the applicant to change his name to Rowan Raven).

Grand Vizier - Powerful in the Court and an advisor to the Sultana. He's an educated man, advising the Sultana on matters of Diplomacy & Trade. He is the City's First Ambassador

Demetra's Father - Father to the Leader of Zerzura He is rumored to be a God but he keeps his past a mystery. Patriarch of the Raven's and Eldest member of a powerful dynasty

Demons, Gods, Djinns and mythical creatures are wanted also Pirates, villains and ruffians! - and thoroughly bad sorts!

Imperial Legate -  Commander of the Imperial Guard.

Temple Slave   - A specially trained slave not allowed to be touched. Wearing white only, they assisted in ceremonies and supported the Kahina and Augury. 

Sancti Haruspex  -  (Male & Female role) trained to practice divination by the inspection of the entrails and other methods

Imperial Guard (inc)  Tribune  -  Men/women known for their stature and strength. Protectors of the Sultana and her family and all who reside in the Harem. They uphold the laws of the land with honor and steel. This would suit a roleplayer with gorean experience. 

So go on...keep that resolution and IM me :)

Demetra (Cali Roffo)

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moonlit Gardens/72/31/999

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forgot to add a LM
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I'm sorry, 'prince sultan'? That's not a thing.

And how is it an 'imperial' legate (which, by the way, is a Roman title) in a sultanate?

Haruspex? That's a Roman (Etruscan) diviner - is this a Roman thing or an Islamic thing or was someone just completely clueless when they went looking for what titles to put in the hierarchy?

And why would the 'imperial' guard live in the harem? Do you park your camels and donkeys in the kitchen, too?


Not to bust anyone's balls, but, either you just don't care about what any of those titles mean and entail, or you're just clueless. Either way it looks pretty sloppy from here. 

Still, I wish you good luck and plenty of fun.

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Hello Orwar. The idea of Zerzura is pure fantasy and not a replica of a Roman or any other culture but more taking ideas from many places to make a new mix. If you are ever inworld call by and take the back story and look around. It may answer your questions and you can see the donkeys in the kitchens :) Look forward to seeing you

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1300 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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