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Not sure where to ask this - SL Pregnancy


As stated above, I'm not sure where this question should go. So sorry ahead of time if this is the wrong place. 

Me and my SL partner are looking for have children, but instead of going to adoption route, we would like to go through an actual pregnancy, and take all the appropriate RP steps.. 

Our issue is figuring out which Pregnancy system would work best. 

We are looking for something interactive, and as accurate as possible for our RP lives, to get the most that we can out of our experience leading to parenthood. Something that leads into a prim baby is fine, until we are able to bring in a RP baby into our lives after everything else has been done properly. 

Anyways, pretty much what I am asking is for peoples opinions on their Favorite Pregnancy systems, or what they believe to be the best. Any input it very much welcome. 

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The best place to ask for opinions is in the People forums, probably the General Discussion or the Avatar forum. In Answers, we can help you figure out how SL works (or why it doesn't sometimes), but we're not in the business of recommending one merchant or creator over another.  I imagine that you have already done a careful study of the systems you can get through Marketplace, so pick out the two or three that look best to you and then frame some specific questions that you can ask people who have tried them. Then try one of those forums. 

Good luck.

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