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..::Carpathian Legacy::.. Seeking active Role Players!

Fadoxes Breil

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  ۰                                                                          ✜۰۰✜۰
                                                            ۰✜۰Cαrpαthiaŋ Légαcy۰✜۰
                                                 ۰✜۰Introduction to Carpathian Roleplay۰✜۰
                                                                 ✜۰READ CAREFULLY!۰✜۰
                                        ۰✜۰Please read all of this before joining Us۰✜۰

Carpathian roleplay is based on a series of paranormal romance novels written and copyrighted to the author, Christine Feehan. All characters in the books are reserved, meaning a person may not enter into this roleplay as an already existing character of the Dark Series books. Para Role-play (no one liners here) Carpathian roleplay is fashioned to women and men Singles & Couples. That being said it is recommended to all interested in joining this family to try on their own to obtain at least 3 of the 21 books in the series and possibly more later on to down the line to ensure you are fully knowledgeable about Carpathians Traits, Characteristics and ways of life.


The Carpathian Role-play is a sensual world, based on the paranormal romance novels written by C. Feehan known as the “Dark Series.” We are avid readers of this particular series and love the vivid world the author has created so much that we’ve not only made it into a role-play in SL but a lifestyle and strive to perfect Carpathian RP in SL for many years to come! We've come together in SL, to re-create this wonderful world of animal instinctive passion, love and romance Carpathians, wild animals, shape-shifters, psychics, healers, vampires, werewolves, jaguar race, dragonseekers and so much more. What started out as one person’s dream of the perfect type of role-play in Secondlife.com has grown into a strong close knit family of mature adults and very passionate individuals who love the idea of being able to both live in and revisit this world every time they login to Secondlife.

Ok so we know what you're thinking... Oh god.  Not another vampire clan right?  And we say to you “NO!” We’re nothing like a vampire clan. We don’t have lieges, and clan/cliques or sires.  We’re a family and that is how we carry ourselves, no matter where we are in SL. We don’t have any rival clans or enemies, or ill will towards anyone. Our enemies are also family whom are also given just as much love and support as those without evil character when OOC and hanging out or when needing guidance into our world.

What does that mean exactly? It means you’re not going to catch us on another RP SIM, ganging up on random vampires, werewolves, or other types of supernatural beings or mystical things. Our culture is one of peace and nobility. Respect, Honor and Valor are things valued above all in Carpathian Legacy. Be it IC or OOC.  Our history and structure is based on the Dark Series novels and different from any other role-play in SL.  A race and lifestyle created by the one and only, C. Feehan. It was her imagination that created this world and we simply love the idea of living in it. It is our LEGACY & LIFESTYLE!  

That's what makes Carpathian Role-play so unique and refreshing!


WE NOW OFFER TRAINING..materials for those not able to get the books. At this time we are in dyer need of Dominant males to come forward to fill in the roles of the Carpathian Males needed for training A.S.A.P. Males must be Dominant in general and take charge when necessary.


**Carpathian Male** (Predators, Shapeshifters, Drinks Blood to survive, Hunts & Kills Legacy Vampire)

**Psychic Female Women** (future lifemates of a Carpathian male)

**Carpathian Women** (future lifemates of a Carpathian male very few will be accepted as they are rare)

**Dragonseeker**( Born with Dragon Tattoo on flesh at birth)

**Jaguar Race** (Shape-shifts into Jaguar)

**Legacy Vampire**(once Carpathian turned evil killer)

**Lycanthrope** (Shapef**bleep**s into WereWolf)

**Humans** (workers in the town marketplace-Blood Donors)

**Protected Humans** (Friend of the Carpathian race and keeps their secret)

We also have leadership roles that need to be filled if you would like to apply for a leadership role specifically you will have to dedicate yourself to the family more so to seek your spot on the Council. Please contact Naive Vuissent or Cheneria Darkfire for Leadership Application.



Request our "What is a Carpathian?" Notecard by contacting one of the following names in world.

Fadoxes Breil
Cheneria Darkfire
Dimitrious Razorfen
Vladimir Domenici


Our Legacy Begins Deep In The Carpathian Mountains. We Are The Ancient Lineage Of The Vampire  Powerful As Gods Amongst Men Predatory We Drink Blood But Are  Noble Men

A New Revolution Is Coming To SecondLife! We Are Gathering Our People. Forming Alliances. The Dark One Has Called Us All & To Him We Will Answer, Our Prince! The Time Has Come for Us To Stand Against The Legacy Vampires That Run Rampant Causing Chaos As Our Males Grow Weary More n More Turn to Vampires Our Males Must Find A Life-Mate Before It's Too Late The  Darkness Looms Over Their Souls.  If They Give Up On Finding Her... The Light To Their Darkness She Who Was Born For Him The Burden Weighs Heavy Will They Be  Forced To Meet The Dawn Die With Honor Or Risk Turning Vampire Only To Be Hunted By Us?

The Prince Leader Of Our People  Has Called On All Carpathian Hunters Our Time Is Now For We Are Carpathian The Guardians Of This Earth  A Reckoning  Justice Will Be Served To Those Unclean For Preying On Our Women....

If you like what you read of the Carpathian Legacy family Overview and would like to participate in role-playing on the CarpathianMountains SIM please contact

Cheneria Darkfire, Fadoxes Breil,
Dimitrious Razorfen or Vladmir Domenici
Serious minded only.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/carpathian-legacy-rp
Website:  http://carpathianlegacy.uv-zjial-network.com/forum/index.php

Must be approved by a Legacy Guardian to join Carpathian Legacy-Forum and must be full SL username registered once approved!

Come visit Carpathian Mountains SIM you will land near the OOC building please enjoy your stay!

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I am *very* new to Second Life, but I *am* very well versed in the Dark Legacy of Christine Feehan. (I think I've read almost all of the books in her Dark series, as well as her Drake Sister's series.)  I am extremely interested in this group, but I need to get more comfortable/fluent in using/living/customizing in Second Life before I can bring the kind of quality I'm used to in roleplaying situations. I come from a literacy based roleplaying forum, focused on quality of technical writing, and content.  If you have any advice as to how I can go about joining this group-or general advice to help me get accustomed to Second Life before I join you, I would be very grateful. Thank you so much for posting this, now I'm really excited about getting involved!




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Hey Guys and Gals, 


I am the Head of the South City medical center, and I am search of an Assistant and a Doctor. I am not sexes but I would like my Assistant to be a female. She would have to be fimiliar with Google Calenders also has to have good grammer and very kind and friendly. She has to be very organized and very self motivated, my ideal Assistant would simply be with me 24/7 asking me what next, always... I give her a task and she finishes with wonderful effort! 

And for the doctor, I really don't care what sex he/she is. I want somebody is also kind, and self motivated. You would have to work at least 4-6 hours a week in our center.... its rather small but titles "Urgent Care" so we need all the help we could get. I have scrubs ready at my fingure tips with tools you might need. Also, this isn't a salary based job... you will have a tip jar but I am unable to pay you its a RP sim. 

IM me inworld, 

Nathen Beverly 

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I am very new to Second Life..that is to say that I have just put it on my computer!  That being said I am a long time role player.  I absolutely love Christine Feehan's books and have read many of them and often day dream about being the women who gets bonded to a Carpathian male.  I am very interested in your community and if it all possible would like to participate if you don't mind a very new person to Second Life...I have a lot to learn!

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