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Need help finding an avatar base for males. It's -read-

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So, I'll include an image of myself for any future help with that.


Basically, when you first join, the game gives you many avatars to choose from. I went with the wrong one and could never reselect. I wanted to get the guy with the orange hair in the classic selection when you first join. What is this actually called? I prefer the normal looking faces over the supified ones. 


I really want to make my avatar resemble me. Just really basic looking, I can include better pictures of my hair. It's a weird mix of spiked back and slicked back. I can find all that. 


I just basically want to get that base avatar back though. 


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57 minutes ago, Josephine Carissa said:

Greetings Sup,

i'm thinking you can get the hair to match your rl hair from either of these creators:



welcome to second life....have fun : )

Kindest Regards,


For the hair choice i would throw Stealthic in the ring. Also no match and the slicked back hair from deadwool.

Regarding the skins you could take a look at stray dog, clef de peau (only inworld afaik) and eventually the skinnery. Not sure if they still sell classic skins so.
Alternatively take a look at 7 deadly skins. At least the older skins are available in classic form. In the past they had nice offerings for group members frequently. Not sure if that is still the case. 

If your´re looking more for not so ordinary skins Aeros avatars and Concord comes to mind, too. Also they are not cheap and the range of available skintones are a bit lackluster (imo). 





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First of all - do you want to spend real money on this avatar, as in buying §L that you can use to shop for?

If that answer is "no" then you have few other options that playing Linden Realms and this will give you a few §L to use on cheapies and what we call "dollarbies" items costing 1 §L.

If you want to spend a little, please return to the thread and give us a budget estimate. Almost all advice you got about stores, is things that cost money. I am going to reply as if you are not going to use real money yet.

As Chic Aeon said, you change avatar by going to avatar - choose an avatar. You find the first tab in the upper left corner of your screen. You can do this over and over again, there is no limit. Every time you choose a new avatar, it is moved up in your inventory in its own folder. It is saved under "clothes" and that can be confusing. For example, I go to "classic" avatars and pick the brown-haired female in a green sweater. I pick her, watch my avatar change, then click the suitcase icon that is the inventory, open it and then look under "recent". There is the folder, named "Carla".

The starter avatars is also on the bottom of your inventory, hidden in the Library. There they are hidden under "Clothing"--> "Initial outfits". This is really confusing for people. I never understand why LL can't change the folder name to "Starter avatars". This would help a lot. From this Library, you can choose only the hairs, if you want to sample the hairstyles instead of the whole avatar. You can also pick out clothes from the classic avatars and mix and match. You can use the shape from one avatar, then the shin from another, the hair from the third, the eyes from a female avatar, the clothes and shoes a mix. All classic avatars mix, and also new avatars and fantasy avatars. It was a bit difficult to wear single things directly from the inventory, so perhaps you have to cycle through all the avatars you are interested in, pick them so you get them in a folder up in your inventory, and then mix from there.

For free hairs that is not provided from LL, well there is really just a few options. A very standard male short hair is the gift from Exile, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/96/142/22

The ad show a blonde hair, but absolutely all colors are included.


(Look at me in that starter avatar! Awww, remember the old ugly ones?)

The freebie market in Second Life is large, but most free stuff is set for a limited time. Exile has had this hair gift up for months and I hope they will let it stay.

Other hair gifts is harder to find, especially for men. And your special style will be very hard to find for free.

I just mention no.match here, they have their gifts set up permanently in a gallery over the dreads. You walk in, look for a staircase with a sign "Discounts and groupgifts upstairs". http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/VALHAL/113/215/29

Here you will find a group joiner that is a grey poster, look at the picture:


Click that sign, then open local chat and click on the link there. You then accept that you will join the group. After you did that, you can click on the beards if you will have them. Sadly, there is only long hairs as group gifts. Well, longer than the hairstyle you want anyway...


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1032 days.

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