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Looking For Twins

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My boyfriend and I are looking for someone to play our expected twins: a girl and a boy. We do have names picked out already but we are willing to take in some thought on the names. Right now our family consists of my boyfriend, my two daughters and I. I do have prim kids I keep at the land parcel I rent but we live in a community. We've tried adoption centers, but it's just not working. This is really our last hope at finding someone to play them otherwise we are just going to have them as prim kids. 

Time Zones: Central and GMT+1

Days online: Most days, as often as possible

Times Online: Varies. Saske is on in the mornings and early afternoons during the week and weekends he spends more time online but still around that same range. Suzume is on early afternoons until evening during the week and online most of the day on weekends. 

What are we looking for:

  1. Twins: A boy and a girl. This isn't really debatable to us. This is how we've roleplayed it the past ten months. 
  2. Willing to age with our family. Our family ages just like people do in RL.
  3. Open-mindless and willingness to try new things and explore. 
  4. Someone who enjoys roleplay but doesn't mind going outside of it sometimes so we can get to know each other and is understand of when real life happens.

Who we are:

We are an adventurous family that loves doing new things at new places all the time. We love exploring the Great Second Life. The fresh pixel air does wonders for you. But we can also relax at home as well. We do have a fair share of families secrets if you know where to look for them, they can be quite fascinating others quite mundane. 


Contact Suzume Amai (amberrosekettle) or on here or both.


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id be interested.  I am playing a three yr old, its the avi i have the toddleedoo.. and alice bento head wth brown hair. If you want to speak with me more  please IM me in world tenytinypixy.  

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