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How manly can I make a Avatar 2.0? Also, mesh bodies.

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After a prolonged absence, I came back, but I see a small snag for my more human avatars. It's gotten to the point that it's possible that nobody will make clothes for the 'classic' avatar anymore, which will be a problem down the road. So I'll know I'll have to bite the bullet and get a mesh body. I've narrowed it down to two: Physique and Avatar 2.0. I already got the Slink hands, because bento, but I'm wondering....

Avatar 2.0 defaults to female, and while there's a flat chest option, I don't exactly want a girlyboi. I'm talking about shoulders, hips. I don't mind being bishounen, but I'd like to be a relatively masculine bishounen.

As for Physique, is it close enough to Standard Size that I can use my old mesh stuff? I can mess with alphas toggling.

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I’d recommend Belleza Jake but I’m partial to Belleza. I helped an old friend transition about a month or two ago.

as far as old mesh. You might be able to get away with alphaing some areas and find it’s wearable and looks good. Fit mesh works best for a fitmesh body, no matter what you decide. Shoes and boots might be the most salvageable I would think, especially if they’re unrigged and resizable.


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I just recently made the switch from classic body, to mesh, and it was a bit of a process.  So far I am into about 4500 lindens for the transformation, and I am finding clothing is running about 1/2 that amount.  I went with Altamura Bento "Dante" mesh body and am using my classic avatar face with this mesh body.  If you have a friend who is good with mesh have him/her help with the process as it takes time to get the look you want. 

I have to admit the whole combination of mesh clothes with the new mesh body is quite a bit more realistic and appealing to the eye.  Good luck with your transformation:D

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If those are your two 'either/or' choices then I would opt for Slink Physique, as Avatar 2.0 is a more specialised brand that I never see clothing for at any of the four main menswear events. Even then, Slink is slipping down the market share when it comes to bodies that creators are making for (much though it pains me to admit that, since Slink is my own preference for the body shape that I prefer: swimmer's torso with broad shoulders, long body and a nice butt).

The two main bodies I see being created for these days are Signature Gianni (a really great product with a fantastic alpha HUD, but if you're not a fan of bulgy gym-bunny biceps and triceps you'll need to do some very specific fiddling around with your shape to get them to your liking) and Belleza Jake (another great body which is still in beta and still has some issues around the neck, especially when it comes to match up with mesh heads). I own all three bodies (Slink, Signature, and Belleza) and a number of mesh heads by different creators, and it can be a bit of a trial finding what works with each of them. You need to put in some effort, but when you do make that effort, the rewards can be fantastic.

You may get lucky putting standard sizing onto a mesh body, or you may not. It varies by creator and by body. I have a whacking great 150,000 inventory (I'm a dedicated shopper, for a guy) and I can usually get something to work, with a bit of tweaking.

As to whether Slink will give you the shape you're after, with the shoulders you want, yes it can. A quick composite of my own Slink body:


If you want to go a little bulkier than that then you can, by increasing the body fat sliders (up to a total of 5%). To see how this looks, check out this blog post by Nigel Cleanslate.

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Long long ago when the ice was just starting to recede from the last ice age, every computer from each manufacturer was different and even different enough among the models of a single manufacturer that software was seldom compatible.  During those years, the practice was to the software you wanted to use and see which computer would run it. (If Sinclare had been backwards complaint with TRS 80 I think it would be an entirely different world now ... but anyway ...)

This is where we are now with mesh bodies.  Bodies are the computers and clothes are the software.  You may well be better off searching for clothes first, then finding the mesh body that works with the clothes you like.

That's just my way of saying, of the two, go with Slink.

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I'd also tend to the Slink given just the two options.

It's a pity that the current batch of designers isn't targeting it any more as not everyone loves the huge biceps of the Signature/Jake.

The Avatar 2.0, you will have huge skin issues as it's not the SL UV map, and the clothing is more anime in fashion and now quite limited. The latest version of the Avatar 2.0 has fallen out of rigging favour with one of the biggest names in that body's clothes.

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I would vote for Slink because of the clothes availability.

HOWEVER -- you can now pick up a VERY nice all mesh male avatar (with head) that is BENTO for free from altamura. You cannot change the skin which is a very nice one so that is a plus OR add tattoos and such but it has an impressive and VERY EASY TO USE hud with tons of alpha slot options. I got one of these along with three male friends and all are very happy with them You can make the included head invisible and use another head. You need to join the TeleportHub group for $10.

Certainly a good way to jump into mesh bodies.


PS. With all the alpha slots there are plenty of clothes from the other brands that fit.  So wardrobe isn't a huge problem. 

See this post:



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