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Vanessa Hallison

**Camp Zona is hiring** - PG role play camping experience

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Camp Zona is a family-friendly (pg) role play camp experience for SL teens ages 13-19 that will take place on Zona Island.  Campers will have access to a full sim of adventures and fun - and our camp counselors are going to be the driving force!


  • **Avatar must be at least 120 days old**
  • **18+ Verification (payment info on file**
  • **Must be a quick typer**
  • **Must be able to adequately speak English**

Perks of being a camp counselor?  Counselors will be given housing along with a prim allowance, plus 24/7 access to everything on Zona Island!

Bonuses will be given if we can hit our goal!

  • Buggy Racing
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Paintball
  • Obstacle Courses
  • Giant Board Games

.... Just to name a few!!!

We're currently hiring camp counselors to hold events, games, clubs, activities, etc...  

This is a paid position. Pay will be discussed at the time of the interview

Please fill out the application at the following link for consideration!


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