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Vampire/Witch Family Seeking fun, loyal people of all ages!

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                                     Ƈustodeȿ ɗe Ƿhoeniх
                        (Guardians of the Phoenix translated from latin)
Who are Custodes De Phoenix?

Custodes De Phoenix is a house Of warm, friendly welcoming people, That we like to call family.
Just like the Phoenix, we rose from the ashes to take our rightful place upon this earth.
We are purely and quite simply a Family! 

We are NOT heavy into RP, we ARE heavy into Family, Fun, Socializing, Playing Games.  We are not very PC, so, if you get your feelings hurt about silly jokes, you probably won't like us.  - If you like to have fun.. keep reading!

We are NOT bloodlines.. our system is completely free, and by INVITATION ONLY.  - It is a heavy masquerade system.

We stand by 4 simple but essential rules:

Truth - to everyone in the house especially.
Honor - be honorable, do not cause drama in the house, or in the system.
Respect - be respectful to your elders, this is a big deal
Loyalty - It should go without saying, be loyal to your house, and your family, above all others.

How did Custodes De Phoenix come about?

Custodes De Phoenix rose one very dark night when our Princeps, Malkin, having been lied to and mistreated in another house, left, outcasted himself.  He then went on to meet a Blood Regen, who was very impressed with Malkin, and after a short time, granted Malkin his own house.. which is now what you see... "Ƈustodeȿ ɗe Ƿhoeniх" - So, you see.. we really did rise from the ashes.  Malkin has vowed to not make the same mistakes the house he came from made.. and will fight for all that he can to keep this house as a close family.. as there really is no tighter bond.

We are more than just Vampires, we are starting a Coven of Witches, working on adding Familiars, and plan to implement Lycans in the near future!!

- If interested - contact Malkinamistery Resident, IvyDoom Resident, or Splifstar Resident in world.. thanks!

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