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Seeking Editors - Love on Top Magazine

Arkaine Rieko

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★ - Love on Top Magazine - ★

Love on Top is a community based magazine that hopes to highlight all of the different aspects of love, sex and relationships within Second Life. Each issue will highlight a different vantage point, corresponding with the theme for the month. Additionally, you will find advice columns, interviews, Second Life destinations and vendors who advocate inclusivity. 

★ ---------- ★

Are you seeking a career in the field of virtual magazines? Then look no further than Love on Top Magazine!

Listed here are the positions we are currently hiring for;

★  - AD AGENT - ★

This is a sales position, so an ideal candidate with be comfortable meeting new people and pitching for the magazine. We are willing to train enthusiastic people. You will earn a base salary of 50L an hour with 15% commissions on all ads you sell. There is not set schedule, so you have the flexibility to enjoy your SL.


The journalist is the heart beat of the publication. As a staff writer, your primary function will be to develop stories for each magazine edition. You will work closely with a photographer to bring the stories to life. In addition to uncovering newsworthy media, you may be asked to write simple ads as presented.

L$100 - Per brief write-up.
L$400 - Per full page article.


Do you have a great idea you'd like to write about? Is there a certain subject you would like to contribute to each month? Why not do just that?! Free lance writers provide the extra bit of substance to push our publication over the top.

L$400 - Per full page article.


If the journalist is the heart beat, certainly the photographer is the soul of the publication. Your images will bring life to our concepts and convey just the right message to the audience. You will need to have extensive photo manipulation experience with a working knowledge of the full Adobe Suite. In addition to taking amazing pictures, you may be asked to compose ads as needed.

L$250 - Per image used in the issue.

★  - EDITOR - ★

 Our Editor is responsible for the content and quality of our publication and ensures that stories are engaging and informative. Editors are also responsible for; 
  • Overseeing the layout, appearance and content of articles
  • Generating ideas for features with writing staff
  • Editing and re-writing articles, some of which may be rejected or returned to the writer for revision
  • Proofreading all pages before going to press
  • Raising the profile of the magazine
  • Assisting other staff to meet their deadlines.

L$1000 - Per week.


★ - FACEBOOK - ★
★ - WEBSITE - ★

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2175 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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