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Hi all! Happy holidays :)

I am looking for some advice, I recently came back on to SL, I haven't been on since like 2009 and everything is quite different. I have a couple of plots of land on the mainland to rent out, I think they are great plots but I am struggling with advertising. I don't think they really show up very high in the search and I have placed classified ads but I think the bigger landlords pay huge amounts for their classified ads so that they show up first. 

I have been trying to find ad boards in locations where there is high traffic but also where sims go that have the money to spend on rent. I am struggling to find anywhere suitable to advertise. 

Is anyone able to give me some advice and tips for advertising plots to rent and where the best ad boards are? How have others found it with renting out land and finding tenants, does it take a really long time? 

I don't want to end up paying land tier each month for empty plots, I'd rather someone used them

Thank you :) 


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35 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

You might want to try General Discussion or Mainland section of the LAND Forum:


for the real advertising are seperate sections... just below the general sections in the land forum. I think those will even work better than adboards inworld... nobody notices those.

if the post indictates it's like advertisement itself, it will be removed from the general or mainland sections

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