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Sky View County small 100% Volunteer Fire / EMS

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Sky View County is a tiny town in Alberta Canada. We are a very small department seeking volunteers. Call volume is approx 1-2 calls a week. We provide the residents with all sorts of rp from fuel leaks to car wrecks and we exist ONLY to serve the needs of town residents. We are an independent fire department which means we are not affiliated with any sl fire fighting organizations including sliaff. We operate independent and purely for the fun of roleplaying to entertain our guests. If interested please feel free to leave an application at our hq. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sky View/25/221/22



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Seeking a good K9 for our family. I am a single daddy with 7 kids n 4 grandkids. And I am also a fire chief and roleplayer. Looking for a dog to accompany and guard the family as well as be part of the FD. Must be comfortable with heights, sirens, helicopters, boats, planes, and small kids. :) Contact Azrikam Resident in world for more info. (pic is of some of my kids)

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