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Silverfang Tedeschi

Rezbox's not compleatly rezzing objects

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Hi All,

On our private island we have recently encountered an issues where complex rezbox's (the ones used for rezing of homes and skyboxes) are unable to completely rez the objects. Often they are able  to rez in the furniture though (if it was a furnished home for that matter) but the walls, floors and structures of the buildings itself do not rezed in. Right clicking the object doesn't force load the structures neither does a viewer re-log.

In the attached image below you can see that the furniture and backed textures were unpacked fine while the actual structure of the building was not .

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

PS : this is effecting all parcels across our Region, big or small. well within prim allowance too.




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One other thought, if the rezbox originally had a no-copy object in it, then only the first re-rez would contain that object.  Check the copy perms on the objects.

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