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Morris Venenbaum

Blender 3D rig object to middle finger bone (Maitreya hands)

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maybe one of you clever minds can help me with the following problem.
I am working on a ring for Maitreya hands.

In Blender 3D, I rigged the ring to the mHandMiddle2Right bone in the following way:
  • Position and rescale the ring so it is located at/ around the bone mHandMiddle2Right
  • Apply Rotation & Scale (CTRL+A) to the ring
  • Select the ring and the armature and Set Parent to Armature - Deform With Empty Groups (CTRL+P)
  • Switch the armature to Pose Mode (CTRL + TAB) and select mHandMiddle2Right
  • Switch the ring to Weight Paint Mode (CTRL + TAB) and paint the ring with a weight of 1 (all red), all other groups are empty (zero weight)
  • Rotating mHandMiddle2Right in Blender makes the ring follow perfectly
  • Export the ring as Collada (.dae), selecting SL + OpenSim Rigged option

In SL, I only have 1 attachment point per hand - mHandRing1Left or mHandRing1Right.
I attach the ring to mHandRing1Right and manually move it to the position of mHandMiddle2Right.
However, now the ring follows only mHandRing1Right, just as if the assigned weights of mHandMiddle2Right were overwritten.
How can I make it follow mHandMiddle2Right instead?

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If the ring has skin weights, you wouldn't be able to position it manually once it's attached. Perhaps you forgot to tick the Include skin weight box under  the Upload options tab in the importer?

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