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Hello, My name is Elisabeth but you can call me Lizzy 

Now let me tell you a bit about me, I am a Kind hearted, caring person. I get along great with almost anyone, I work hard at what ever I put my mind to.

I am open to trying new things but here is a list of some of the kind of jobs I am looking for.


I have Maitreya Body, Bento Hands, Multiple Catwa Heads, Kemono Body, TSG Mesh Head, M3 Mesh Anime Head, M3 Venus Anime Head, Toddleedoo Baby Girl.


I have Lots of experience Hosting at Clubs. I have hosted at multiple clubs over the years from family clubs to adult clubs.

[RP Babysitter]

I Love RP, I first started out as a toddleedoo baby girl then I grew up to kid, then teen and now adult. I do not curse around kids at all. I love RP like Meals, Snacks, The park, going places, Nap Times, Story Time and so much more. 

[Some Extra RP Stuff]

Maid, Cook, Assistant, and so on.

Reminder, I am open to other jobs as well. So don't be afraid to ask, no matter the job, and I will give you an honest answer.

My Second Life Username: Elisabethkisses2

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