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Searching for a fun family with open arms

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Hey there, I know there's already others posting about looking for a family, but I thought I would give it a try.


I'm searching for a family with open arms to a new member, weather we consider each other to be related or not is not relevant to me, I just want to live together and talk and do things together. I don't care how old you or the members are, I just want a kind, inviting family to be a part of.


I'm a bit silly and goofy but I'm also caring and knowledgeable.


Please feel free to message me in world if you are interested, I'm also very open to starting a family if there's nobody surfing on here with pre-built families looking for additions.


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My owner and I are starting a BDSM community with a family setting if that's something you are interesting in message me in world

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