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Amazing 512m2 waterfront parcel for sale!!

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Amazing water parcel reduced in price for quick sale, 512m2, perfectly rectangular 16x32, 175 prim, fronting linden owned water in front.  Also we have the 128m2, 43 prim, land behind it - so if you would like to purchase as well and combine to make a 640m2, 218 PRIM plot - feel free to do so or make an offer to me for both plots - they would form a perfect rectangle as well if joined.

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Stone Pike/78/118/23

And if you would like to keep the cottage (this is on the 512m2) and dock (this is on the additional 128m2), just leave it there and feel free to use upon purchase.   Objects are no-transfer but you can leave it there and not autoreturn to use for your pleasure.  Or you can contact us to rent this land or any others and we can take it off the market.   This is an amazing, high value sale right now...going....going....

Some pics:

Cottage is on the 512m2 horizontally.


Lots of boating options:


Amazing sunset views:


IM and leave a Note Card (as my IMs can get capped) inworld to mariefrenchs for any questions.

Marie Frenchs, Land Sales and Rentals, Thorn Industries Inc.


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FYI - The extra 43 prim sliver at the back is sold!  So only the 512m2 is left..  Price is now 1200L - priced to move as we are trying to free up some tier.. get it while it is down!

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