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Looking for Friends! :3

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So, I should start by saying that though this avi is new, I am pretty much SL ancient. My original rezday was back in 2007. I took a long hiatus from SL, returned, blundered around my old inventory....and then realized that everything is mesh now and it was easier to just say "burn it" to my old avi than to try to actually organize and delete all of the super old and not so great looking stuff. 

Maybe it's just my perspective, but it seemed like it was easier to make friends back on ye olde SL...

Anyways, I enjoy books, tv, movies, anime, manga, video games, D&D, Pathfinder, WoD...and I also like things that make me sound like I am 100, such as crocheting, knitting, sewing, gardening, painting, cooking, and herbal teas. I promise I am not actually some batty old lady. I just have an inner old lady instead of an inner child. It can't be helped.

Now, I should note that while I don't judge what anyone else gets up to in whatever circumstance (you do you, man. seriously.) I do not do SL sex or relationships. I am happily married RL.

I keep odd hours at times, but I am on the CST timezone.


So, if all of the above sounds ok to you, drop me a message. :)

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I fit about 80% of your description.  (From 2007 or 2007, out of it until recently, discovered mesh is the thing and redid avatar and wardrobe, into tabletop RPGs and video games, uninterested in virtual sex.). I am manga ignorant, and my other hobbies tend to be more sci-fi or computer related than cooking, sewing, and garden related.

Have you tried looking for in-world groups relevant to your interests and events?  One nice new thing is that there are highlighted destinations, which gives you some places to check out; back in the day, we didn't have that.  Also, lots (most?) of the groups you have left over from back in the day are probably dormant or dead.

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