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Backgroundstory: (so far ; open to suggestions)

Following an unofficial request, the USS Titania under the command of Thorin II. escorted an Orion freighter to a mine planet within the Demilitarized Zone between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire.

    Out of boredom, the ship’s science officer, Dr. Alexandra Actor, scanned the cargo room of the Orions' ship, and found several human lifeforms in there. She informed her captain who then ordered to repeat the scan. Again it was positive on signals of human lifeforms.
    Captain Thorin then called the Orion crew, and asked them why there are humans in their cargo room. Instead of an explanation, he got an angry answer: “Our cargo is none of your business.”

    After a short debate with his crew, Thorin II. made a landmark decision: He ordered to teleport all the cargo from the Orion ship on board the Titania, and absconded the freighter with maximum speed, Warp 5. During their flight to a hiding spot, Thorin and his engineer T‘Nar opened the bigger containers – and found female humans in there, held in stasis, totally encased in some rubber-like material.

    Thorin II. and his crew unanimously dissociated themselves from the Federation. They established their own independent colony, the "Free Republic of Titania", on Thorin's property on "Emotions", a class M planet on the outskirts of the Badlands.  Thorin's house there was renamed in "House Titania" and serves as headquarter. His crew and the so-called “Drones” they woke up (= these women who had been abducted and kept in their rubber-like encasement as slaves) live there relatively unaffected.  Yet they know that they're now wanted by both, Star Fleet and the Orion Syndicate.

    The "USS Titania" mostly is in a stationary orbit above the planet. She still is used for the acquisition of information and  goods, and generally as trading place.



Me among my crew, aboard the USS Titania.
From left to right: T'Nar (Engineer, Half-Vulcan), Bernd Teardrop (Navigator and Security), Thorin II. (me, Captain), Dr. Alexandra Actor (Physician and Science Officer)


Headquarter: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emotions/220/179/23

Time: Since most of us are Europeans, usually nobody will be there between 13:00/13:30 SLT and 21:00/21:30 SLT. So it will be rather inconvenient RP-times for most Americans, sorry.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1184 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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