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Arkaine Rieko

Dark Lust Event Sponsorship

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☠-----------------Dark Lust Event Sponsorship-----------------☠

Greetings Vendors and Store Owners! My name is Arkaine Rieko and I am an employee for the Dark Lust Club! We are looking to have a Merchant Sponsor for an upcoming event. 
Are you a new store or a shop in need of exposure? We are looking to start occasional Sponsored Events at our club. If you think you may be interested, well then, keep reading for what we can offer you!
We at Dark Lust would love to have you come and promote your products and/or business. With your participation, We believe we can make this win-win for both parties. 


What we plan to do;

- We will post your store logo or a group joiner inside the club during the event!

- Events will be two hours long, and we will provide the Venue/DJ & Host!

- Our DJs and Hosts will promote your business over their live stream during the entire event.

- We will advertise the event in our club's VIP group, on our club's Facebook page, and post in SL events.

What we need from you;

Option A; A donation of a L$200-L$500 gift card to your store. We will offer this option as a raffle prize during the event. 

                  * If we have more than one merchant during an event, we will have multiple raffles. i.e a Raffle at Halftime, and a Raffle at the end. For a singular sponsor, we will only have the one Raffle at the end of the event.

Option B; A donation of L$200-L$500 cash prize for our contest board. We will offer this option as a cash prize for a 'Best in' themed event.

                  * If we have more than one merchant during an event we will offer one contest per merchant. i.e a contest during the first hour and a contest during the second hour.


Awesome! Please contact me, Arkaine Rieko, in-world by sending me a notecard with the following information;

Please name your notecard; DL Sponsor - Store Name

- Your username;
- Your store name, 
- The option you are willing to sponsor our event with;
- The amount of the donation;
- Landmark or SLURL to your store;

Feel free to visit Dark Lust in-world and on the web!
We look forward to hearing from you!

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Da Beats/43/223/44 
(Please be advised, the sim is Adult rated)

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*UPDATE* We have added a 3rd option to choose from for our upcoming Anniversary event in January.

Option C; An Anniversary Gift to be put out during our event in January. The gift can range from L$0 - L$25. This gift does not need to be a new item, but we would like it to be exclusive to our event.


Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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