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Amari Maven

1/4 Sim Size Winter Skydome starting at 399/wk with 375 Prims - Other landscapes available

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1/4 Sim size rentals in a variety of styles and landscaped.  Winter, Autumn, Beach, grass, fantasy and empty skydome platforms are available for rent starting at 399/wk with 375 prims and up. More prims are available at all rentals..Either choose a rental at the prim limit your want or ask for a custom amount before or after renting.

See all available rentals on www.mavensrentals.com or visit the rental office at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maven Isle/214/116/24

Mavens Rentals has been in business since 2009 and will be here as long as you are! IM Amari Maven with any questions at any time. 5a2b2bdcd9a0d_winterdomenew399(1).png.40b5bac037a9cfeb0b6c4e819487a139.png

Homes, empty platforms, land to own and more available in the rental office. Something to suit everybodies needs! Starting at 99L a week.

grass quarter new ad 250.png

quarter empty sim399.png

Beach quarter new add399.png

quarter fantasy dome399.png

quarter sim autumn new vendor.png

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