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Vanity Fair

Star Wars Production Art Exhibition Opens Sat. Dec. 9th in Sansar

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That's nice. It shows the direction Sansar is going - big experiences created by big companies for marketing purposes. Star Wars is a Disney property, so if this goes well, there will probably more Disney presence in Sansar.

Lucasfilm has been trying location-based VR, says Variety. Opens December 16th in Orlando and London. Jan 5th in Anaheim. This is the cost-is-no-object VR experience. One play costs $30 and lasts about half an hour. The gear costs about $10,000 per player.  The space has walls and objects that match the virtual environment, so the players can reach out and touch things, pull switches, and such. Looking forward to reports of how that works out. If enough money can make it good, there's a market.  Then soon it will be cheap, and still good.

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