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Need Help With Fitted Mesh

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Hi there,

Wonder if anyone can give me some advice on a piece of fitted mesh clothing I am trying to make using Blender and avastar.

After using avastar to weight and fitted my clothing mesh, I check the rigging and the back of the cloth was fine (except for some distortion at the armpit). I export to SL using firestorm and I keep getting this broken mesh at the back part of my clothing that I don't see when checking in blender (see picture). 

I checked my mesh again and again and redo it a few times but still getting the same results. Can't figure out what is wrong.

Would appreciate if someone can give some helpful advice. I can share the mesh for you to check what is wrong,

I am using the following:

Avastar: 2.1.1
Blender 2.79
Mesh body for the cloth: Dev Nana


Thanks in advance.




Broken Cloths-1_001.png

Broken Cloths-2_001.png

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