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Alexa Linden

Second Life October & November Web Deploys

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The last two months have been busy for the Web Team.  Sometimes we’re busy with special projects and others times we’re working on Internal fixes and security upgrades to keep up with the times.  

Here is a quick overview on what we’ve been working on.

  • The flow for adding and using existing Payment info for new residents was daunting and that’s bad.  We made some changes to make it streamlined and more intuitive. New users being able to pay faster means more customers for your business!

  • We deployed a new DMCA process and then pulled it back to make some additional changes.  These changes will significantly simplify the process for content creators.

  • We’ve added a new Web User Group!  To see a list of all the user group meetings check out Linden Lab User Groups

  • Second Life Place Pages

    • Error opening Place Pages Edit mode.

    • Lines of text using carriage returns do not display properly on the Markdown feature

    • Some Region Place Pages receive an error

    • Images with a transparent attribute causes them to overlap on Place Pages

    • Bold and Italics do not appear while editing text in Side by Side Mode on the Markdown feature

    • Edit Details. Change "Show in Search" Link

    • Markdown ordered list acting funny

  • Fixed the ToS floater in the viewer

  • Fall updates to Secondlife.com

  • The new viewer login screen

  • Fixes to creating Events postings (certain characters were causing posting issues)


Thank you all for making Second Life great!  We hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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