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I want to ☑ Be Hired

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SL Name : Zoa Seira (zoaeroikirei)

SL AGE: 7 months old; 230 days

RL AGE: 19

GENDER: Female

WHAT HOURS CAN YOU BE AVAILABLE TO WORK : 7AM-10AM SLT Everyday (2-3hrs minimum 4 hrs max per day)
MESH PARTS: [Body] Maitreya ; [Head] Lelutka Bento Chloe
  • I've been a Freelance Dancer/Stripper at South side Snakepit when I was a month old, Latest job was at Eagles Nest Adult Country Club as a Dancer/Stripper also did Emotes my last day was 2017/09/17..
  • Not picky with job offers except ☒Escort ☒Cam ☒Voice , I prefer Hosting but I am newbie with this if you are willing to train me I am good to go 
  • Stress free working place please SL is fun and we should enjoy it
  • Please do not offer if you're gonna stress your employee to do heavy emotes specially if not an Escort
  • I do photography FLICKR & MY BLOG, basic editing.. Photos uploaded are my own work.
  • Willing to voice verify
  • Willing to cope with any working theme/environment specially for events ✓GOTH ✓KAWAII(Cute) ✓CYBER ✓FANTASY ... etc.
  • Hope someone will offer , I am a singer ✓R&B ✓POP
  • Open to change shape or styling of my avatar
  • Been curious about building/creating stuffs in SL a reply where I can have a class Inworld will be highly appreciated  

Any more questions? I don't mind receiving IM's but a notecard would be nice since IM's get capped specially when I'm offline.


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