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Custom animation for HUD based wrestling move

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I'm trying to replicate an existing animation from the WWE 2k series of wrestling games for use in a HUD based wrestling system. This would essentially be for two animations, one for the attacker and one for the receiving end. The release would be triggered by a separate gesture command. These will generally be used with Signature Gianni avatars. The move from the original game is the "Bridging Package Powerbomb" as seen here, any help would be greatly appreciated.









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Hello LxPunk.

I am wondering if you have any Hud wrestling platforms, menus or rings for rent or sale?  Perhaps you can even develop a poseball or Hud animation or furniture for me?  I want my entertainers to be able to utilize WWE type moves.. especially spike piledrivers, cement piledrivers, assisted piledrivers.  I will pay you good money for your work!

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