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Second Life crashes after two minutes

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Hello all!

I have been using Second Life, across many different viewers and avatars, on the same computer connected to the same network for over 2 years now. 

As of two days ago, I have been unable to stay logged into Second Life for longer than a few minutes. When logged in, I am unable to move my avatar but I can see others moving and the radio stations all work as normal. I have tried logging into multiple accounts, and into multiple viewers (Firestorm, Alchemy, Second Life) but it's always the same result.

I've cleared my cache, deleted open notifications from the AppData folder, decreased and increased bandwidth settings, reset my router - All to no apparel.

I'm running Windows 10 on a 64bit laptop, 8GB of RAM with an Intel Core processor. On a Wi-Fi connection (always have done, since I joined SL, never been a problem)

The message I get is: "Darn! You have been logged out of Second Life. This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the Internet."

Think I should point out again that is is a very recent problem and have had little to no problems with my experience until now.



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Have you tried powering off your router/cable modem for a few minutes & rebooting your computer?
Often this is all that's needed to fix problems like this.

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