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Heavy RPer needs friends

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Hey! So I guess to get this started I'm jZakat and im looking for RP. Badly

I'm a heavy, usually Para roleplayer who has virtually run out of places to go. I went from modern RP, to Star Wars RP, to various Heavy Sci-Fi RP, and to fantasy RP, but for one reason or another I've been left without a home. At this point I don't care what I find. I just want to find other heavy-Rpers to RP with. I'm not interested in hearing pitches about some massive sim who have some huge notecard about what I need to do to be fit for your sim. I just want to find some RP partners and make a cool storyline with. Gay Male IRL so I'm not looking for much love storylines. 


TL:DR: Heavy Para RPer looking for any kind of Heavy RP, regardless of Genre

Message me in game: Jzakat Resident

or on Discord: Red Lantern Chris#3552

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I would love to RP, but I have also been trying to find partners for it. I'm into lifelike RP and maybe some Sci-Fi stuff or hanging out. :)

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