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Music Underground-DJ/live singing

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DJ's will play live music based on a schedule after passing an interview and audition.

DJ's playing in the Peak Performance times, must utilize a microphone.

DJ's will play for a one or two hour slot. (Tag Team DJing is ok, but both DJ's must audition together.)

DJ's will engage the audience either through microphone or messaging every show. 

DJ's are required to check in with the Manager 30 minutes prior to set.  If a DJ is a no call/no show, Music Underground may terminate employment.  If a DJ cannot spin, a minimum of 24 hour notice is preferred.  Missing more than 2 shifts in a month may constitute a dismissal from Music Underground employment.  

DJ's will promote the upcoming DJ at 30 minutes and 15 minutes before end of set. 

DJ's will notify the current DJ 15 minutes prior to the start of their shift.

DJ's leaving their shift will follow the following countdown procedure:
1. Notify oncoming DJ of 10 minutes before end of set. 
2. Notify oncoming DJ of 5 minutes before end of set.
3. Leave the stage and tip jar 3 minutes before the end of set.
4. Notify oncoming DJ that tip jar and stage is theirs.
5. Notify oncoming DJ of 2 minutes before end of set.
6. Notify oncoming DJ of 1 minute before end of set.
7. Notify oncoming DJ of 30 seconds, next is go before end of set.
8. Notify oncoming DJ of a "GO" at the end of set. 

Dj's may promote their DJ group once per hour of a set.

Dj's will not use the microphone to belittle or shame patrons. This includes ex's or ex friends.  Dj's will not use their position in a negative way to harm any patron or the reputation of Music Underground. 

DJ pay is 90% of tips. 10% is for the club to help pay tier, promotion, and prizes. 


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