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Hello everyone we are a upcoming wedding coming soon to be opening looking for some new employees. We have hiring positions below. They are paid on a commission based. This means for every time we have a wedding you get paid through that but we do not pay you to stand around on our grounds for doing nothing. Although we are new we are in no way new to the wedding scene we have both worked before in wedding companies. We are taking applications now and will be in touch soon so that we can schedule a interview date. If you contact inworld make sure you contact carolinarozene or reymundo if you have any other questions.

we pride ourselves in being a new and upcoming wedding company that sl has never seen before. More realistic and more of what the customers want. We love to customize things. So if you want to be apart of a company setting a different angle in the wedding business please fill out the application here.

Hiring Positions (we however at the interview talk about what we offering to pay per position)



Wedding Coordinators


Male & Female Strippers

Live Singers

Come by and check us out in world SLURL


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I will be in office on carolinarozene today so if you want to talk work shoot me a IM. When you come in the building you will get a popup if you take notecard that is job application for inworld just drop in the mailbox on the counter when done or click the now hiring sign and fill it out online like i mentioned it above.

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2 female stripper needed, 2 male strippers, 1 wedding coordinator, 3 dj's and 2 photographers still needed drop your application to me at carolinarozene inworld. or fill out online application. if you come inword you can get the application at our business location by clicking the hiring sign when you come in the door. SLURL & Online Application

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