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Hi all.  Not sure if this is the right board for this question, and if not, I apologize and would appreciate suggestions for a better place.

But anyway...I'm in the market for a smaller sized yacht (I've actually purchased several already), but all seem to be restricted to constantly having to sit and by it's own limited animations.  Yes, I'd like it drive-able, but would also like the option of accessing furniture and such separately from being seated on the boat.  (I understand return times and all if not seated, but there are a few places with longer return times)  Alternatively, are there any unfurnished and/or full mod yachts available that I could add and link my own furniture to to be able to accomplish what I'd like?

Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions are always greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

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A yacht is a little harder than other structures as often they will be built with low LI in mind. This often means lots of holes you will fall through.

For bigger vehicles it is possible, houseboats come to mind, as do things like Analise's (The Mesh Shop) lovely river barge and Mary Celeste. Analise's Dixie riverboat is also amazing as a home that you can walk around in (I've linked mine up with grand piano, bed, fine dining and more. 

Anything less than 12 meters though isn't really built for living in. It's built low LI so that it can move fast over sim borders. There are some, yes, but they sail like boulders.

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10 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

There are some, yes, but they sail like boulders.

@Callum Meriman

*laughs*  I'm actually ok with that.  More looking to cruise than race, anyway...just enough to relocate to different parts of a sim or sims, moor and hang out or party.  So, if you happen to recall any of the names or builders, I'm open to checking them out.  And I actually AM able to walk around all of the boats I've picked up so far....I just can't sit on the on-board items independently, without having to sit to "drive" first, then being shot around the vessel based on ship's the limited menu.  Which is why I suggested that perhaps there's an unfurnished version somewhere that I could add my own furniture or items to.

But I do understand and do appreciate the input.  Thank you!  And though those larger vessels probably aren't for me or the places I enjoy boating, I will definitely check them out for the fun of it.

Thanks, again.

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